Membership Invitation extended to Students,undergraduates, Graduates, experts , professionals and Corporations interested in the field of Knowledge Management to join ACKMP, the world’s premier Knowledge Management Professional Association in the United States.

Calling For Speakers!!!

The First Ever ACKMP Annual Knowledge Management Summit

We Are Calling Speakers

To submit their proposed speeches. ACKMP is seeking KM thought-leaders and dynamic speakers who can discuss Knowledge Management. It will be an event for networking where all Knowledge Management experts will gather to share best practices and exchange information. Please come and be part of this great KM Event. The deadline for submitting proposals is September 30th of Every Year.


All CKMA®, CKME® & CKMS® CPKM® should participate in Yearly KM Summit and various state and local events, online forums, and industry-wide meetings, ACKMP membership provides you with a range of opportunities to meet, learn, and network with other KM professionals both in the United States and from across the Globe.

Come meet one-on-one with experts in the Knowledge Management events. You will have access to Network with other KM professionals and build lasting relationships with your peers in the Knowledge Management field and Share best practices with others with hands-on experience in Knowledge Management.


When You Get Certified, You Get Recognized among your peers in the profession and a proven skill to show that shows you have what it takes to be a subject matter expert in the field of Knowledge Management. CKMA®, CKME®, CKMS® & CPKM® certifications are the emblem of professionalism – in any KM organization.

ACKMP is the only Knowledge Management Professional organization with rigorous tests and exams that certify Knowledge Management professionals. With CKMA®, CKME®, CKMS® & CPKM®you have an edge over others in the same career field. ACKMP Membership gives you access to resources, a network of KM professionals.