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We are Knowledge Management Professionals and Membership is Open and Voluntary


We Are The World’s Premier Knowledge Management Organization in the United States and Reputable Around The Globe. Our Membership is Open to Students – Undergraduate, Professionals – Associates and Corporations – Group.


Continuing Professional Education gives you the opportunity to advance in your KM expertise

As A KM Professionals

You Will Get CPE Credit on Seminars and Networking Event with other KM Professionals, Also Build Lasting Relationships with Experienced Peers in the KM and Share Proven KM Best Practices with and improve Your KM Skills


Our Certification Exam is Rigorous Though Rewarding When You Pass the Exams

The Credential

When You Get Certified, Then You Get Recognized Among Your Peers in The KM Profession. You Acquire Advance Skill to Show That You Have What it Takes to be a Subject Matter Expert in The Field of Knowledge Management (KM).

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Certified Professional Knowledge Manager (CPKM)®

Certified Knowledge Management Specialist (CKMS)®

Certified Knowledge Management Auditor (CKMA)®

Certified Knowledge Management Engineer (CKME)®

Be part of this Premier Professional KM Association. Most of these resources would assist members in gaining more insight into our organization. You will also know the process of getting Certified, Preparatory examination and tests, and how to study for success.