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How long does my membership application take to process?

It usually takes up to four weeks, although it often may require less time. The process may take extra time depending on the application or certification fee payment method and having to wait for funds to clear.

How long does it take to approve and process my CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME® credentials?

This process may take up to three weeks depending on when the Certification Board of Regents (CBOR®), and the examination committee approve the certification application package. The process may take extra time depending on the application documents presented and if the candidate is in good standing.

Do I have to take a proficiency test to qualify for the CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME® credentials?

Yes. If you are eligible and meet the minimum qualifications and experience standards, there is a rigorous certification exam required. This exam will be proctored online or in-person. However, the ACKMP is not responsible for setting these exams, rather an independent committee set up by the Certification Board of Regents (CBOR®) works with a proctor to conduct this exam to maintain the integrity requirements of the certification in any of the categories such as CPKM®, CKMA®, CKME®, CKMS®.

What if I don’t pass the CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME® the first time?

Simply wait to retake the exam at a lower rate but make sure you use the online resources available to members. You can sign up for the annual membership application of $65 for Students, $135 for Professionals, and $750 for Corporate membership.

Why should I obtain my CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME® credentials?

Obtaining your KMCP®, CKMA®, CKME®, CKMS® is a testament to your hard work and dedication to the Knowledge Management profession. This certification acknowledges that you have at least 5 years of combined knowledge management experience, that you are a dedicated professional within the knowledge management field, that you have displayed good character, and that you are a qualified KM professional.

The CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME® may also help you differentiate yourself from other job candidates and fellow colleagues. This aspect may help you in obtaining greater career opportunities.

Obtaining your CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME® enrolls you in a one-year membership with the ACKMP, where you will receive program discounts, an educational newsletter, and the opportunity to belong to a nationally recognized business community.

How do I obtain my CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME®Credentials?

First, make sure you are eligible for the exam. View the tab under the “Certification Program” & “Get Certified” for more information. Directly log into www.ackmp.org/onlinetest create an account, and select the certification category that you qualify for. Note that as long as you meet the minimum program requirements and pass the rigorous exam, you will be on your way to obtaining your credentials.

How much does it cost to obtain my CPKM®, CKMS®, CKMA®, CKME® Credentials?

The cost of applying for your CPKM®, CKMS® CKMA®, CKME®, credentials are as follows: $595, $495, 395, or 365 respectively depending on the certification category. Payment may be received via the online platform, Bank Draft, money order, or via our PayPal merchant account. This fee may be discounted if it includes membership in our organization for one full year, and a one-time, non-refundable processing fee of $97 may be waived.

Does this certification provide me with college credits or the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Credit?

This is a globally recognized certification program. However, there are some colleges and universities that may choose to recognize this certification in regards to performing an elective credit qualification program and there are other organizations that may award you points for this certification when qualifying for additional programs.

Do I have to participate in any annual continuing Professional education programs (CPE)?

Yes, for every certified candidate; the Certification Board of Regents requires you to earn yearly CPE Credits. However, we do recommend maintaining your annual membership to access some resources, as well as attending any KM seminars and participating in an annual Continuing Professional Education (CPE) program that consists of at least 10 hours of annual training. The ACKMP is constantly working on providing additional training modules that may serve to address this requirement.

What forms of payment does the organization accept?

We accept bank draft, money orders, certified funds, credit or debit card, and payment via our PayPal merchant account.

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