The Certification Exam is Proctored. The Proctor monitors the candidate via webcam or the test taker get a notarized letter from their local library for the online proctored examination. A few simple requirements are all it takes for your candidates to take an online proctored exam such as Quiet, Private Location, Reliable Device with a Webcam and Strong internet connection


Certified Professional Knowledge Manager (CPKM®) is knowledgeable in providing an organization with a consultative and holistic valuation of where they are and where they need to be relative to the Knowledge Management process. The designation empowers the KM practitioner with the credibility associated with the CPKM® certification by achieving the highest level of competence and proficiency in the Knowledge Management practice.

ACKMP serves the overall Knowledge Management Practitioners to certify competent individuals in the field of KM. ACKMP is committed to strengthening the level of quality and excellence of organizational proprietary assets. This professional certification program creates a standard based on hands-on experience in KM foundation, strategy, audit, ISO 30401 standards, and best practices established by the independent credentialing and governing Body known as the Certification Board of Regents (CBOR®).

Certified Knowledge Management Specialist (CKMS)®

This is an expert proficient in creating, facilitating, and managing Knowledge Transfer System (KTS) designed to Harness emerging tactics, techniques and procedures at a tactical phase. The CKMS® is responsible for implementing the KM mission.

Certified Knowledge Management Auditor (CKMA)®

This is an expert proficient in operational performance of the Knowledge Management process. This certified individual assesses and examines organizational KM strategy, process and records and ensures that organizational KM runs efficiently.

Certified Knowledge Management Engineer (CKME)®

This is an expert that develops KM systems and architecture. The CKME® supports the Chief Knowledge Officers in decision making. Conducts analysis of tools and systems. A knowledge engineer provides the system’s built-in expertise.

Who May Benefit From Our Certification?



Any College graduate with a business degree seeking professional recognition and a desire to become more marketable in the workplace. The seasoned Knowledge Officers, Specialists and Managers with extensive experience that would like to increase their level of professionalism and proficiency in their organization.

The Strategic and Logistic Management Department that would like to offer greater tools of success for their organization. The knowledge management professional that would like to become recognized for their career accomplishments and hard work. Corporations that would like to give their front line program managers and executives the cutting edge advantage, especially in industries of high visibility or those involved in sales of products and services. (Corporate Discounts Available)