Code of Conduct

Ethical Conducts


Code Of Conduct

I will facilitate and maintain honest professional relations with employers, customers, clients, co-workers, contractors, vendors, and all other business associates while acting in a manner that is congruent with a high level of integrity and character.


I will endeavor to maintain a high level of security regarding any sensitive information that belongs to my organization; and I will NEVER knowingly violate privacy policy, confidentiality, nor share any proprietary information for personal gain or use it for profit.


I will ensure integrity in my actions when practicing my professional duties while exemplifying the established standards and values within my chosen profession.

I will honor my role as a Knowledge Manager by recognizing that I am a leader. I recognize that I set an example for my peers and others to follows. I must adhere to a high level of professional conduct and comply to ethical standards with no reservation.


I will NEVER knowingly engage in any illegal, immoral, or unethical behaviors which may include but is not limited to questionable accounting practices, tax evasion, fraud, drug or alcohol abuse, human trafficking, conflict of interest, and insider trading.


I will do my best to perform my duties effectively and with honor. I will endeavor to treat others fairly with respect and professionalism.