CPE Compliance


All ACKMP that become

Certified Knowledge Management Auditor, Professional, Engineer, Specialist, Student Member, Professional Member, Corporate Member, or any other membership category (collectively referred to as “Members”), are required to comply with the CPE Credit annually. The Certification Board of Regents set the standards for CPE Credit compliance. If you feel your certification was suspended improperly, notify the General Counsel’s office shall initiate the complaint procedure described below. A “formal complaint” is defined as a written statement from an identified individual or entity alleging conduct which, if proven, would constitute a violation of the ACKMP Code of Professional Ethics, ACKMP Code of Professional Standards, or By-Laws (collectively referred to as “a violation”).



If Any Certified

CKMA® CPKM® CKMS® CKME® is not compliant with CPE Credit on an annual basis their credential will be placed into suspension. Suspended status prohibits certified individuals from representing themselves as CKMA® CPKM® CKMS® CKME® to the general public and using the credential in any form. If any CKMA® CPKM® CKMS® CKME® has five or more years of CPE suspensions their membership will be transferred to the Associate status. Should any CKMA®; CPKM® CKMS® CKME® want to reinstate their credential, they will be required to take the CKMA®or CPKM® or CKMS® or CKME® Examination.




Any certified member in good standing wishing to file a grievance may do so by sending a written statement of their complaint to the Certification Board Of Regents (CBOR) Compliance Committee, who is responsible for investigating disciplinary complaints. There is no specific form the complaint must take; a letter or email is fine. The complainant should include a full explanation of the alleged misconduct along with any documentary evidence he or she may have to support the allegations. The General Counsel’s office may also initiate a formal complaint on its own authority if it otherwise receives credible evidence that a Member has committed a violation.

The Certified Professional Knowledge Manager (CPKM)®; Certified Knowledge Management Auditor (CKMA)®; Certified Knowledge Management Engineer (CKME)®; Certified Knowledge Management Specialist (CKMS)® credential denotes proven expertise in the field of Knowledge Management. CKMA®, CPKM®, CKMS® CKME® around the world are the custodian of organizational knowledge, they are planners, strategist, and can serve as the organizational historians.

CKMA®, CPKM®, CKMS® & CKME® are responsible for complying with all applicable CPE requirements, rules, and regulations of ACKMA Certification Boards of Regents (CBOR)®; as well as those of membership associations and other professional organizations