The following Individuals are verified as certified in the following categories:

  • Certified Knowledge Management Specialist (CKMS)


  1. Mr. Inyang Mecha, CKMS
  2. Ms. Grace Eke Kalu, CKMS
  3. Mr. Joe Wolemonwu, CKMS
  4. Ms. Sharon Fentress Bussey, CKMS
  5. Dr. Chidi Nweneka, CKMS
  6. Dr. Rhondra Willis, CKMS
  7. Dr. Bola Boasmanboon, CKMS
  8. Dr. Gerald Curry, CKMS
  9. Dr. Corey Beckett, CKMS
  10. Dr. Dana Richard, CKMS
  11. Dr. David Akhamie, CKMS
  12. Dr. Summer Wilson, CKMS
  13. Dr. Ros Rayford, CKMS
  14. Mr. Charles Dike, CKMS
  15. Mr. Andrea Quieto, CKMS
  16. Mr. Harbert Nwaka, CKMS
  17. Mr. Kingsley Mbah, CKMS
  18. Mr. Mike Stedman, CKMS
  19. Mr. Robert Wilson, CKMS