Board Advisory on Credentialing

Board Advisory on Credentialing

Dr. Rhondra Willis, MBA, Ph.D., CKMS, CPKM


      Certification Board of Regents (CBOR)®

Dr. Rhondra O. Willis is a published author and has established a dynamic career that spans the fields of criminal justice, research, and education over the past twenty years.  Prior to her tenure with the government, Dr. Willis enjoyed a significant career as a research consultant, having provided direction on several influential research projects with such institutions as the University of South Carolina, the Medical University of South Carolina and the Office of Women’s Health.  The studies she coordinated included but were not limited to dating violence prevention, HIV intervention, and highway infrastructure needs assessments.

During the course of her career, Dr. Willis has also carved out a notable niche as an educator, accreditation specialist, senior doctoral adjunct, and an institutional review board member.  She provides instruction in the areas of international business, diversity, communications, business ethics, leadership, research methodology, entrepreneurship, organizational change and development, and strategic management in healthcare.

Dr.  Willis has served in numerous mentorship positions including being selected as the Young Women’s Health Summit South Carolina Mentor for two consecutive years by the U.S. Office of Women’s Health and establishing a youth mentorship program at Daniel Circle Chapel at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  Additionally,  she volunteered as a Ph.D.  Mentor for a Department of Defense university, mentored NOVA Toastmasters Club as well as managed the mentor program for her local club, Five Shields Toastmasters as the Vice President of Education.

Dr. Willis’ committee and board service includes but is not limited to the Association of Certified Knowledge Management Professional Advisory Board Member,  Richland County  Business Service Board, Core Committee – Richland and Lexington Dress and Behavior,  Chair – University Research Award Committee, Joint Duty Assignment Award, Director’s Committee for Diversity and Inclusion,  Chair – Judiciary Committee, the Morale and Advisory Board, and the Educational Materials Committee -the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

In recognition of her considerable professional achievements, Dr. Willis has been awarded several honors, including: the Scholarly Engagement Grant, Who’s Who Among American Teachers Award; the Army Coin of Excellence, the PRISP, and the Toastmasters International Triple Crown Award.

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